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Black All-Purpose Bowl
Black All-Purpose Bowl Black All-Purpose Bowl

Black All-Purpose Bowl

Shape is ergonomically designed to allow our dogs to keep more in their mouths – and leave less on our lovingly maintained floors. The smooth, cornerless, nookless, ridgeless interior eliminates the never-ending muzzle struggle to reach every last, delectable bit. And because it’s non-toxic and water-tight, everybody stays happy and healthy.

Product Description

Earthenware. And beyond that? A unique process of hand-pouring, spraying and triple firing the glaze to ensure a non-toxic, food-safe, water-tight finish that, with proper care, will last through dog (and people) years of use.

Yes, your bowl is dishwasher safe. But to preserve its life and beauty, a simple hand wash with mild soap will keep your dog’s object d’art shining like new.


6 in. diameter
2.75 in. high

8 in. diameter
3.5 in. high

10 in. diameter
4 in. high