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Oatmeal Tweed Collar
Oatmeal Tweed Collar Oatmeal Tweed Collar

Oatmeal Tweed Collar

$56.00 - $62.00
The Oatmeal tweed and leather collar is made with traditional Yorkshire tweed and premium Italian leather.

Product Description

The buttery gold colour tweed has a simple check design and is paired with a beautiful matching leather which softens and darkens with use.
The superior fittings are cast from solid brass and coated with nickel for a shiny silver finish. Fully stitched design for added strength.
Supplied in a Mutts & Hounds drawstring gift bag.

Collar sizes:
Tiny 9.5-13", Width 0.5" Chihuahuas/Minature Dachshunds/Puppies
Small 12-15", Width 0.5" Cavaliers/Jack Russells/Small Terriers
Small Wide 12-15", Width 1" Schnauzers/Cocker Spaniels/Medium and Large Terriers
Medium 15-19", Width 1" Springer Spaniels/Vizslas/Dalmatians
Large 18-22", Width 1" Labrador/Mastiff/GreatDanes
Breeds given as a guide, please always measure your dog's neck before purchasing a collar.