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The Brooklyn Hoodie
The Brooklyn Hoodie The Brooklyn Hoodie The Brooklyn Hoodie

The Brooklyn Hoodie

The Brooklyn Hoodie is the perfect jumper to show off your personality. The hoodie is made from a light weight black and white spot fabric with a black under body and black hood lining. The perfect jumper to hang out at home in and for walks to the dog park. The hood can be turned down into a roll neck to sit behind the neck to show off the black hood detail.

Product Description


XSMALL Neck:26cm, Chest:33cm, Back:26cm
Suited for: Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Mini Dachshund
SMALL Neck:33cm, Chest:48cm, Back:26cm
Suited for: Italian Greyhound
MEDIUM Neck:46cm, Chest:55cm, Back:35cm
Suited for: French Bulldog
LARGE: Neck:53cm, Chest:72cm, Back:44cm
Suited for: English Bulldog

Color:White & Black

Fabric: Spot Fabric: Polyester/ Elastane. Black Fabric: Viscose/ Nylon/ Spandex

Care: Warm Hand Wash Recommended, Line Dry.

Country of Origin: Australia