Brown Martingale Wide Leather Collar

Brown Martingale Wide Leather Collar

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Martingale dog collars create tension around dog’s neck when being pulled on. It is a great way to train your dog or have more control over your pet.

These collars are very soft yet durable and will suit dogs with sensitive skin. Soft padding provides cushioning feel and wonderful look.

This comfortable collar is offered in 4 sizes and will fit a dog of any size from extra small to large. XXS size is specially intended for Italian Greyhounds.

Please measure your dog's neck and head circumference to choose correct size. The collar should fit over your dog's head, as it does not open.

Size             Neck Length       Collar Width at Widest pt.

XXS.               7”-9.5”                       1.75”

XS                  8.6” - 11”                      2”

S.                   10.25” - 14                    2”

M                    13 - 16.5 ”                   2.3”

L                     15” - 18”                      3”

XL                  16”-20”                       3.3”

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