Fabulous Floral Shirt

Fabulous Floral Shirt

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This highly exclusive shirt is made from the finest hand picked fabric and made with lots of love and care. The Cami shirt is a handmade, unisex floral shirt with roll-up sleeves, front button placket and a yellow Bow Tie in the front that gives a uniqueness and chicness look. Made from 98% cotton and 2% Viscose, a durable and smooth fabric, the shirt is very comfortable to wear.

98% Cotton, 2% Viscose

A yellow Bow Tie in the front
Roll-up sleeves
Front button placket

Neck Chest Length

S 8”-8.7” 11”-12.3” 8.3”-9”

M 9”-10” 13”-14.6” 10”-10.6”

L 10.6”-11.5” 15.4”-17” 11.5”-12.6”

XL 12.3"-13" 17.7"-19.7" 13.4"-14.6"

XXL13.8"-14.6" 20.5”-22.9" 15.8”-17"

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