Flamingo Fresh Shirt

Flamingo Fresh Shirt

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A BBQ shirt featuring pretty pink flamingos on a teal ocean backdrop.

Cotton fabric.
Cut to avoid doggy mess.
Button closure.
Easy care: hand wash cold, hang to dry.

Size Chart
XS: 4-12lbs | neck 10" wide, back 9" in length
S: 12-20lbs | neck 14" wide, back 10.5" in length
M: 20-28lbs | neck 18" wide, back 13" in length
L: 28-36lbs | neck 22" wide, back 15" in length
XL: 36-95lbs | neck 24" wide, 21" in length
XXL: 95-130lbs | neck 28.5" wide, 26.5" in length

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