Red Rolled Martingale Leather Collar

Red Rolled Martingale Leather Collar

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This is a leather handmade dog collar in martingale style.
Martingale dog collar is made of specially treated soft padded leather.
It feels silky smooth and looks wonderful because of great craftsmanship and materials of high-quality.

When your doggy pulls, the martingale dog collar creates tension around dog’s neck, allowing you to control the choking effect.

This collar is great for training and getting control over you dog if it disobeys without doing any harm.

Rolled leather dog collars are suitable particularly for dogs with long thick coats, because round shape prevents their fur around the neck from tangling.

Moreover, martingale dog collars also look excellent on dogs with short coats.

Please measure your dog's neck and head circumference to choose correct size.

The martingale collar should be a bit wider than head circumference, because it should be put on over dog's head.

          Diameter           Neck fit
XS1        1/4”                7”-8”
XS2        1/4”               9”-10”
S1           5/16”            12”-13”
S2          5/16”            14”-15”
MD1        3/8”             16”-17”
MD2        3/8”            18”-19”
LG1         1/2”             20”-21”
LG2         1/2”           22”-23”
XL1          1/2”          23”-24”
XL2         1/2”          24”-25”

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