White Rolled Leather Leash

White Rolled Leather Leash

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This handmade rolled dog leash is made out of genuine leather rolled around strong nylon rope. Rolled leather dog leash is particularly comfortable to use. Due to nylon rope inside these leashes are very strong and durable. Will fit a dog of any size from puppies to extra large dogs. Does not leave any marks on your dog’s fur.

Size Chart

        Length.       Thicknes 

XS      4ft               .4cm

XS.     6ft               .4cm

S        4ft                .6cm

S        6ft                .6cm

MD    4ft                 .8cm

MD    6ft                 .8cm

LG     4ft                  1cm

LG     6ft                  1cm

XLG  4ft                 1.3cm

XLG  6ft                 1.3cm

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